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Our products come close to you in the following way:

By courier company (courier)?????? Gift delivery costs to Greece.

Shipments will be made within 3-4 days depending on availability.

Deliveries made on weekdays except holidays and weekends.

O consumer has the ability to track where is the order via the tracking number to thegranted by the company courier????????? when it comes to shipping inside or UPS when itfor shipment abroad.

Note: This check upon receipt of the product by the shipping company is needed.



Goods returns accepted within 15 days of receipt. It is necessaryproof of purchase and the product together with the package of being in perfect condition.

Returns Policy

The product must be returned within 15 days from the date of receipt. Proof of date of postingis the hallmark of the courier. Furthermore, the product should nothas been used to bring all the tags of the company. Which gives bands, cardsauthenticity, protective sheaths or leather tags should also be returned asconsidered part of the product. Also, the product must be in original packaging and inexcellent condition as the original, without damage, stains or damage. Finally, it should be accompaniedall the necessary documents of sale.

Product Return Procedure

The Return of product is onlyafter contacting the, following these steps:

STEP 1: Contact us by phone Tel: 210-4100820 or via e-mail: stating your request. Ourgive him your order number and explain why they wish to be returned.

STEP 2: With the approval of the refund, you will receive from us a return code necessary to proceedThe process of returning the product.

STEP 3: Communicate by phone with local officesCOURIER (to be completed) to arrange the delivery of the packet to return.

STEP 4: Fill out the form that came back the receipt or invoice with ALLinformation requested by the return code and return with your package, explaining howwant to continue with your order.


No returns will be accepted if it does not bear a valid return code product (Unique Return Number).

To not guarantee the safety and security products that are returned through other transportcompanies, except COURIER (to be completed) and may not assume responsibility for the products.

To reserves the right to reject any returned products that are not returned in accordance withthe terms of the return policy listed above.

Process Change Products via Shop

Changing any product purchased through, can be accepted in our shopTsamadou 36 Piraeus.
Changes made only upon presentation of the of Evidence and the return code willyou have previously received through communication with at Tel: 210 4100820 or via


Refunds are not made through the store, but only through the online store.


In case you want to return your money-back product, the amount will be paidhow payment has been made to purchase the product or set of communicationcustomer to the company, within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt and after www.farmaki.grverified that the products meet all the requirements for reimbursement.


Defective Products

All products are clearly marked with a manufacturing defect will be replaced or refunded immediatelywith the return costs to be borne entirely the company

If you want to change a defective product, can replace it with the same productcharacteristics, depending on availability.

Non defective products

In case of return of a non defective product to be replaced, the cost borne by thecustomer with the costs of return. Send to COURIER (to be completed) at the special price of???? €. The amountwill not need to be paid directly to the distributor courier will pick up the package, but will be added tototal value of your order.

Discount Items

Refunds / changes in products discount or offer made at current rates of species.


Refunds are served within 15 days.

The return of a product can only be done once at the expense of

In case of return of more than one product purchased within the same order, weshould be sent together and simultaneously.